I have removed a lot of stock off the website as I am revamping it, and updating/changing stock. However if you see something you like please contact me, we may still have that item in stock. If we don’t I could make it again for you. Many thanks for you patience during this time.

Current Stock availed in shop:

In Leg, V – Greaves

In LARP Variations, Colt Holster & Saddle Bags

Just been add to Shop:

In asscessries, Half Scabbards, Frogs and Dagger Sheaths

New stock coming soon:

A5 & A4 notebooks, Full Scabbards, PAM armour system, Satchels

Due to using Veg Tan Leather for most of my products as well as hand dying them this means that if you see something you like but you want it in a different colour, then please feel free to contact me for further assistance.

New In